“No boundaries and no limits… and that goes for everything”, was stated initially to set the aim straight in 2004 when Spice (ex. Spiritual Beggars), Bob Ruben and Swaney joined forces in forming KAYSER. The line-up was completed with the joining of Fredrik Finnander. With an easily identifiable sound, the musical expression stretches from riffing grooves to aggressive ferocity with dips from different bowls of metal and rock. Noticeable influences are strings from early Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth through classic rock acts such as Captain Beyond, The Doors and Lynyrd Skynyrd. All firmly incorporated in KAYSER’s expression.

KAYSER soon signed to Scarlet Records and recorded the debut album ”Kaiserhof” in 2005. A video was shot for the song “Good Citizen”. Shortly after the release Finnander was replaced by Jokke Pettersson and another addition to the band was Emil Sandin which marked the constitution of the current line-up. KAYSER’s second album, ”Frame the world…Hang it on the wall” was released in 2006. Both albums were recorded and produced by Richard Larsson (The Night Flight Orchestra). The latter release was preceded by an EP entitled “The Good Citizen EP”.

Along with festival appearances KAYSER hit the road for an extensive 6 week European tour including countries like Germany, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Holland supporting Ektomorf. KAYSER again went on the road supporting Volbeat for a brilliant European trek, defining the band as a stellar live experience.

KAYSER returned in 2014 stronger than ever with the first Listenable Records release, ”Read Your Enemy”. A video was shot for the track “I’ll Deny You” to support the release. The album round up rave reviews from media and fans all over the world assuring that KAYSER was back to stay. Headlining shows were played on domestic and international soil along with support for Soilwork.

2016 marks the release for “IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity”. With the bar raised even higher KAYSER pushes the limits within the framework for an own unique sound and the album showcases the band’s growth into a fully muscled entity ready to spread like wild fire.

-Kayser has shot to my top 10 of excellent Thrash Metal bands. “Read Your Enemy” has everything a Thrash fan could want in an album. Even the cover art is fantastic. I seriously propose that the metal community change the “The Big Four”. The new “Four” needs to be Slayer, Anthrax, Testament and Kayser. If you are a Thrash fan, pick up “Read Your Enemy”. You will definitely not be disappointed.

-Michael Davis /Head full of noise 2014


Spice- Vocals

Swaney – Guitars

Jokke – Guitars

Biff – Bass

Bob Ruben – Drums