Thank you Värnamo

Awesome show yesterday!

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Big tnx to Gävle!

We had a blast playing gefle hårdrocksklubb this Saturday. Thank you Maria and the guys in Doomesday deciples!



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I’ll deny you official video

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Rock ‘n Reel reviews “Read your enemy” 5/5

Kayser – Read Your Enemy

Formed in 2004, ‘Kayser’ are a rarity within the Swedish Metal scene.  In a country that are, arguably, most famous for Death Metal bands and fucking Abba, Kayser dabble in groove-laden, unapologetic, Thrash Metal. 2014 sees the release of their 3rd full length album and their first since 2006.  The question has to be, is it worth the wait?

The answer is, quite simply, yes! Entitled ‘Read Your Enemy’, they have released the first heavyweight album of the year and I have to say that I have been listening to this album as often as I can over the past few weeks. Once heard, it utterly dominates you!

Kayser manage to bring a modern slant to genre still dominated by the big four. This allows them to stand out from the crowd and with tracks as good as ‘Dreams Bend Clockwise’ and the title track ‘Read Your Enemy’ with its stunningly aggressive guitar tone, they smack the ball right out of the ball park. Metallica will never release an album as good as this one again!

Each track offers the listener something to get the head nodding, be it the opening riff of ‘Almost Home’ or the insanely catchy chorus in ‘I’ll Deny You’. I was listening to this in office and had to physically restrain myself from breaking out the air-guitar and head-banging. It is so easily to lose yourself whilst listening to it.

One of the most impressive aspects of the album are the vocal’s of Spice. Having just enough raspiness in his vocal, he manages to generate a sense of passion in performance, especially in ‘Where I belong’, a track in which he excels. With Swaney and Jokke trading riffs as crisp and clean as you would have heard KK Downing and Glen Tipton in Priest’s glory days throughout the album, you are just pleased that bassist Biff and drummer Bob Ruben manage to drive the whole thing along with aplomb. ‘He Knows Your Secrets’ sees Kayser come together as one and it is fanfreakintastic!

In 2013, we were treated to an utterly exceptional year in terms of album releases. Had this album been released last year, I can honestly say it would have been more than tickling the underbelly of my top 5 list.  Suffice to say, it will take 5 supreme albums to bump it out my top 5 of 2014.

By: Paul

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Get your rock out UK reviews “Read your enemy”


Read Your Enemy is a solid Heavy Metal album, and if there was ever a checklist for a great Metal album, this ticks all the boxes. I can certainly expect to see more from them in the future.”

Check it out:

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Dead Rhetoric reviews “Read your enemy” 8/10

Read it here:

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Metal nation radio reviews “Read your Enemy” 9/10

Rating 9/10

Swedish thrash metal band Kayser has kinda broke the mold.  We expect black metal, power metal but not thrash??  That’s more of a North American thing but they pull it off well!!

Read Your Enemy is the bands 3rd full length album.  Since their debut in 2004 members Bob Ruben (drums), Mattias Svensson (guitars), Christian Sjostrand (vocals), Jokke Petterson (guitars), Emil Sandin (bass) have set out to make no boundary and no limits music.

They have self-described sound as a mutation of Black Sabbath/Megadeath/Slayer with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal.

Read Your Enemy is my first exposure to Kayser, but it won’t be my last! I am what the band describes as a Kayser head (a term the band coined for their fans).

In true thrash form all sons are short and to the point with only a few tracks even close to or over the 5 minute mark.  But they took a more melodic approach instead of all out speed.  The riffs, drums and vocals are very true to form, only slowed down a little to showcase their abilities as solid musicians.  I am sure this will help them bridge the genre gap and appeal to the far greater audience.

I really liked reviewing this album every track is a stand along winner.  But a few were really stand out for me.  The title track is outstanding and is a good representation of what you can expect from the entire album. Track 7, Where I Belong I think showcases the bands musical talents and their ability to lay down a killer groove and run with it, but it is track 12 The Fake Rose that is the diamond in the ruff for me, and also the longest running track on the recording at 5:36.

The album art alone make this CD a must have.  But after 1 listen you will be glad you bought it.  Give it a listen and you will become a Kayser head.

Rating 9/10


Line Up

Bob Ruben – drums

Swaney – guitars

Spice – vocals

Jokke – guitars

Biff – bass

For more information please visit these websites:

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Metal revolution reviews “Read your Enemy” 84/100



By Brian:


“They are Swedish, they are angry, and there are five of them – Kayser proves that, despite the reputation the Swedes have for preferring Death Metal, they are no less talented when it comes to other genres, such as Thrash Metal, as is the case today. As a matter of fact, Read Your Mind, a twelve piece of pure aggression is so well-written and mixed, that it actually took me a few songs before I realized that I had been listening to several different pieces of art and not one long one.

Now, a few of you out there would probably expect me to start ranting on and on about how this is great because of how it incorporates the soul of the eighties (I tend to do that), however that is not the case – Kayser is, at heart and all the way through, a Thrash Metal band; But a modern one, filled with the raw power and ferocity of the modern age, yet still strangely untainted by other genres.

Now, as mentioned, there is next to no comparisons between Kayser and the legends of the past three decades, such as Slayer or Artillery, nor more contemporary acts such as Gama Bomb – they are more aggressive than both style, taking on an almost Black Metal approach to the fury, yet still keeping it simple, keeping it thrashy.
I am quite surprised and very disappointed with myself that I never managed to unveil this little gem and add it to my collection prior to today. Nevertheless, it will be remedied – it is going straight out into my car, where songs such as ”I’ll Deny You” will help keep me alert and in a great mood, no matter the state of the traffic around me.

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KAYSER reveals cover

This is the cover and tracklisting for the upcoming album “Read Your Enemy”





‘Bark And Bow’
‘Bring Out The Clown’
‘I’ll Deny You’
‘Dreams Bent Clockwise’
‘Read Your Enemy’
‘Almost Home’
‘Where I Belong’
‘He Knows Your Secrets’
‘Forever In Doubts’
‘Carve The Stone’
‘Roll The Dice’
‘The Fake Rose’

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KAYSER signs with Listenable

KAYSER, the Swedish band featuring former SPIRITUAL BEGGARS frontman Spice and ex-THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND drummer Bob Ruben, has signed a long-term deal with Listenable Records. The group’s new album, entitled “Read Your Enemy”, is scheduled for an early 2014 release.

KAYSER is working with Sinemax Productions on a video for an as-yet-undisclosed track.

KAYSER saw the first ray of light in early June 2004 when Spice, Mattias Svensson (also of THE DEFACED), Bob Ruben and Fredrik Finnander decided to join forces to create a pure metal band. The band’s sound is fully immersed in true original heavy/thrash metal genre with emphasis on the muscular songwriting: hammering blistering and catchy riffs one after another, delivering the goods through scorching witty arrangements with fluid virtuosity. Focus always lies on the song, easily identifiable through the supreme vocals by Spice, though the emotional and musical expressions stretch from heavy introvert pounding to pure hate driven ferocity.

“No boundaries and no limits… and that goes for everything,” the members stated initially to set the aim straight. As for comparisons, it might be best described as a mutation of BLACK SABBATH, MEGADETH and SLAYER with dips from different good bowls of classic and modern metal.

Popular for its incendiary shows, KAYSER enforces the pillars of metal with absolute authority.

KAYSER became a much-talked-about live act among the metal fans, rampaging cities across Europe with bands like VOLBEAT and more.

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Upcoming shows