“This is a band to remember. Try this album out and let yourself experience what Kayser can do for you. ”
—  Roy, Roar

“Kayser are a band to be reckoned with, a band to be listened to and a band worth going to see live. If you love Megadeth, Symphony X and even Slipknot sounds then try them out. You won’t be disappointed. ”
—  Samuel Munch-Petersen, Live4metal

“With excellent production and intensity throughout, this album blows away recent many Swedish thrash albums (i.e. Soilwork’s Stabbing the Drama) clear out of the water… …All in all, this relatively new band (formed in 2004) should have a very successful path
ahead of them.
—  Bill Whish, Exclaim

“… remember the magic when it all started (when Metallica was still a Metal band)! It’s excellent material for weight lifting, but not advised for a romantic evening – that’s for sure. This album is a furious blast from the past and kicks some serious ass! ”
—  Luc Ben Hayoun, Metal eater

“Kayser really impresses with their sophomore release. It has plenty of memorable hooks and grooves and is also very aggressive with some outstanding guitar work.
—  Chad Bowar, metal

“But I’m convinced there’s only one thing to do. Buy this album, get a beer, pump up the volume and scream along. I absolutely recommend this album to anyone even remotely interested in metal. Kayser rocks!
—  Jonathan, Gothronic

“The result is absolute metal majesty on Noble Is Your Blood and the slow but powerful 7 Days to Sink. Kaiserhof is easily one of the top metal discs to come out this year — get it and blow some
speakers to Valhalla. ”
—  Mark Warkentin, Uptown Magazine

“Kaiserhof“ fully convinces me and thus the record is one of the best I have heard this year… …In fact anyone who has anything to do with Metal can get this. Whether he is old school or new school, Thrasher or Rocker, there’s something on here for everybody.”
—  Patrick, Metal Observer

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